The Mothership

We're creating a membership community for working mothers

We're creating a membership community for working mothers

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What is The Mothership?

The Ultimate Sisterhood for Working Mothers

The Mothership is our members-only community designed specifically for women who want to achieve the aspirations they deserve alongside being the parent they want to be. We aim to ditch the overwhelm, define our own unique goals and expand our thinking, all alongside a fun, inspirational and caring 'village' of incredible, like-minded women. Think of it like a virtual magazine, co-operative, workspace and coffee shop all rolled in one.  

Connect more...

The Mothership will hook you up with other amazing women, both locally and further afield, with whom you can skill swap, problem solve and share ideas and experiences. Learn new ways to work and play, and inject more fun, relaxation and creativity into your personal and working life, surrounded by other women who share your location, industry, family structure and/or passions, women facing similar challenges and sharing the desire to find their own unique way that works for them... women who 'get it'.

Grow more...

From live online events, chats, interviews and hangouts sharing knowledge and experience through to exciting ideas for group or solo challenges and projects, we give you plenty of opportunities for reflection and growth. You also have constant access to our goal setting resources, book clubs and regular check-ins and prompts to keep you on track with whatever it is you want to achieve at work and home. 

Play more...

The inspiration doesn't end there... you'll see regular, thought-provoking questions and prompts, ideas for home and leisure, learn from your fellow members' own unique stories, and more. Have a bit more fun, get a bit more creative, try something new... We're all parents but also so much more besides. Always with community at its heart, we aim to make The Mothership the kindest, most kick-ass, strongest female tribe around. 

What our members say...

"I love it! The best thing is being off Facebook, and although I'm also in business networks it's really refreshing to have other opinions and outlooks."
(Eve, Owner of Baba + Boo)

"I've made a lot of positive changes in my life since joining The Mothership. I've done regular goal setting and am planning my days and weeks better. It keeps me motivated to read about all these amazing women and their achievements, but I also like that sharing #shitthatwentwrong keeps it real. I love the fact that the Mothership is not another work community but more of a supportive life and self-development community for working mums - good work!"
(Charlotte, Digital Manager)

"I feel like I have a support group of like-minded women to seek advice and support from, and access to information that's relevant to me - work, self development and issues facing working mums. The book club is fab too, it's got me back into reading."
(Gabby, Recruitment Consultant)

"The main benefit for me is sisterhood! Even though I don't actually know these women, I feel like I trust them and want to help them!"
(Karen, Marketing)

The ultimate sisterhood for working mothers! 

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